Citywise + City of Stockholm = 💚
How Citywise new IoT-sensor Streetsmart helped the city to significantly reduce carbon emissions from cars and trucks as well as getting high-precision data on parking utilisation.
May 2023
Citywise, The Traffic Office of Stockholm
We want to share some light on one of our most recent partnerships between us, the leading smart city data company, and the City of Stockholm. Our collaboration truly enables a revolution in parking management which is an industry that hasn’t seen lots of innovation over the last century while providing valuable insights to optimize the city's parking infrastructure for its city planners and urban development departments. The positive impact on citizen convenience and the environment has been remarkable.

Citywise deployed 4,000 state-of-the-art IoT sensors throughout the city center of Stockholm. These sensors have enabled the collection of real-time data, empowering the city with unprecedented insights into parking patterns and behavior. By utilizing this data, Citywise can help streamline parking processes, leading to reduced search times for free parking spots for citizens.

The availability of real-time data has proven invaluable for citizens searching for free parking spaces. By accessing the data through user-friendly interfaces and mobile applications, drivers can quickly identify nearby areas with available parking spots. This efficient system has significantly reduced the time spent searching for parking, minimizing traffic congestion and unnecessary carbon emissions.

The positive environmental effects resulting from reduced search times for free parking are significant. With fewer cars circling the city in search of parking spots, overall traffic congestion has been reduced, leading to decreased fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions. By empowering citizens with real-time parking information, Citywise has contributed to the city's commitment to sustainability and the creation of a greener urban environment.

Beyond the real-time data, Citywise has provided the City of Stockholm with proprietary insights regarding the optimization of parking spaces and the utilization of inner city grounds. By analyzing the collected data, Citywise's expert team has identified opportunities to optimize the number of parking spaces, thereby maximizing the utilization of limited urban space. These insights have proven invaluable in the city's long-term planning efforts, leading to more efficient parking infrastructure and improved land utilization.

Our partnership demonstrates the power of technology and data-driven solutions in creating smarter and more sustainable cities.
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